Guidelines for making a Home Improvement more Energy-Efficient

Reconstruction/remodeling homes are usually performed to improve its aesthetic appearance and function. Apart from this, remodeling is a great opportunity for people to enhance the energy efficiency of a home if people manage to consider certain extra-tasks and investments while making home improvements in London.


Why should I hire Expert home builders’ for home building?

Every person would have lot of goals in life, building a beautiful house is one among them. On making painstaking efforts to fetch enough money and other plans for building a house everyone would wish his efforts to gain a full value. The value of a building depends mainly on its builder.


The Most Common Home Improvement Rip Offs

Want to replace your furnace? Or repairing your roof? These sound like easy jobs, especially when a contractor comes knocking at your door. But take your time before you agree to have the work done. The most common London home improvements scam involve chimneys, windows, roofing,painting, gutter cleaning, electrical wiring, pest extermination, driveway paving, and much more. These are all potential scams by amateurs who will take your money and leave you with nothing, or at best an inferior job done with inferior materials


Tips to Avoid Scams from Cowboy Home Improvement Companies

Hiring the right home improvement company is one of those difficult tasks that faces home owners. It is important to note, there are a number of scam companies out there. These companies do one of two things: they sometimes charge extreme fees for simple projects or charge incredibly cheap and deliver shoddy work.


Tips for Renovating Your Home Stress Free

A large part of our lives are spent at home, so people obviously want to have their home a comfortable and beautiful place to live in. In order to do that people look out to improvise their home by renovation. But this renovation process can, it itself, be a challenging experience as it requires a lot of foresight, sorting the right materials, finding the right tradesmen in the UK and much more.


Guidelines for choosing the right builders

Building a house or performing home improvements is not easy. After budgeting and making plans for the construction it is also important to find the right builder.You might have heard of many nightmares about the cowboy builders. So to keep yourself away from those cowboy builders, it is vital to spend some time and look at a few considerations before selecting a builder.


Getting Valuable Services from the Trusted Plumbers in London

Plumbers are the solution when distressed homeowners struggle with the waterworks of their homes. All of us cannot take up these specialized repair jobs because of the lack the skills. Homemakers are especially helpless when it comes to repairing simple plumbing fixtures like a dripping faucet.


Questions To Ask Tradesmen

It is important to know what to ask tradesmen when conversing with them about a potential job. In our latest blog we take a look at various questions that will help you build up a clear picture of your tradesmen so that you don't get ripped off.


We forget that tradesmen arent always the bad guys

There is a lot of bad press about Cowboy builders but they are not always the problem, Cowboy consumers are too. There are plenty of customers who accept a good job but are not willing to pay the agreed amount when completed.




The Home Improvements Guarantee

A blog by Save Build on our product. Great to see it from a different view. Protecting all parties.


Reduce UK VAT

Reduce UK VAT and still put money into the UK economy at the same time, reducing potential for using Cowboy Builders!


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