Reduce UK VAT

Reduce UK VAT

Help us persuade the government to reduce the rate of VAT from 20%  to 5% for home improvements so we can wipe out cowboy builders.

This reduction in VAT is already applied to the self-build market and we think if introduced, it would send a clear message from the government to cowboy builders and rogue traders in the country.

Currently, successful firms who have a turnover of over £79,000 per year have to, by law, charge VAT which is currently at 20%. One of the main reasons people choose cowboy builders is because they cost less than legitimate, successful firms, as they don’t charge VAT (for obvious reasons!)

By reducing home improvement VAT down to 5%, it is much easier for quality and successful companies to compete against those who only take cash, often bodge the job, don’t send invoices and don’t give a valid guarantees.

Essentially this move would take away a major benefit cowboy tradesmen have over legitimate ones, making it a much needed level playing field.

Reduce UK VAT

Lower VAT levels initially might appear to cost the government taxes they really need right now. However, we believe that it can actually increase the VAT the government collects.

Firstly, the lower rates would mean homeowners were more likely to have confidence in the building trades, so are more likely to carry out work. In turn this would lead to a higher level of tax paying building companies securing business over cowboy ones who are unlikely to pay any tax at all.

More building work with legitimate companies would drive more tax into the government’s coffers and reduce the burden of complaints rogue traders cause cash strapped local authorities.

To help us raise this issue directly with the government, please sign our e-petition – with your help we can make a real difference!!

Please go to our petition: Reduce UK VAT

Call for further information, speak to Harvey 01375 489 744

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