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Read our guest blog by Chris at

Save Build

on his blogger site about The Consumer Protection Guarantee ( now called The  Home Improvement Guarantee) in Tilbury, UK, a great look from a different prospective.

We are looking at ways in which to further promote the Guarantee to the public as well as the Trade. 

We appreciate that its not always the trades people that are the villians and so we provide a service, that protects both the trades person as well as the consumer. The same service protects the materials supplier too.

Let me explain more:

The consumer and trade agree a price for a specific job. Nothing unusual about that!

OK, so the consumer places the money agreed into our consumer protection warranty scheme and agreed sign off points are included in the contract, one could also agree that when the trade turns up for work - as agreed, with materials on site, the scheme pays out two amounts of monies - one to the materials supplier and the other to the trade.

So all three different groups are looked after, protected!

This of course continues to protect all parties throughout the job.

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